Getting to Camp

Crow Duck Lake Camp is only accessible by portage. There is a pick up point at Big Whiteshell Lake in Whiteshell Provincial Park. A staff member from the camp will meet you there. You will park your vehicle there and board a barge to begin your adventure.

Here is how you get to the pick up point:

  1. Head west from Kenora or east from Winnipeg on Highway 44 to get to the pick-up spot.
    Just east of a small town named Rennie you will come to an intersection.
  2. Turn north on highway 307 at that intersection. Stay on the highway for about 11 miles, then turn right (northeast) on 309.
  3. Stay on Highway 309 for about 6 miles. This road takes you to Big Whiteshell Lake.
  4. Look for a boat landing at the end of the road, as that is the pick-up point.
  5. If you have called ahead there will likely be a Crow Duck Lake Camp barge waiting along with
    someone ready to load your gear.
  6. It usually takes just under an hour for the trip from this dock to the camp.

Map to Crow Duck Lake Camp