Day Trips

Can’t stay too long? Booked last minute?

Crow Duck Lake Camp is such a popular resort that cabins are typically booked well in advance of the fishing season.

In response to this overwhelming demand, our camp has implemented an extensive daytrip service to accommodate sportsman wanting to fish Crow Duck Lake.

For $420 (Canadian) per day, Crowduck Lake Camp will provide transportation, boat, motor, and fuel for up to three people. Our day trips include picking up guests at Big Whiteshell Lake, a 10-minute boat ride to our private dock, and then a quick ride to Crow Duck Lake Camp.

Some of our guests made a video of their day trip and it shows exactly what our guests can expect when they come to see us.

Yes, that could include catching hundreds of fish.

From there, we load your gear into one of our clean boats, and off you go to spend the day on the water.

When you return with your catch there will be cleaning stations provided where you may clean your fish. Remember to bring your knife as Crowduck Lake Camp staff does not provide daytrip clients with a fish cleaning service. Contact us today if you are interested in booking a daytrip!

Directions to Crow Duck