Trophy Bass Fishing

There are good and fiesty bass to be caught in Crow Duck Lake as well. Bill Kolansky and the friendly staff will give you all the tips on how to land one on your line.

Trophy Bass Fishing

Before walleyes were introduced, Crow Duck Lake was known for its smallmouth bass. The smallmouth bass is a spectacular gamefish. On a light line, the smallmouth puts up a battle, often jumping repeatedly and diving down into the depths. The fight in this fish is bound to win your respect and admiration.

Remember that Smallmouth bass often group together by size. So, if you find a smaller-sized group, there will rarely be a bigger smallmouth among them. Smallmouth bass prefer to hide out where the rock ledge drops off sharply.

Speaking of size, all Smallmouth bass over 40 cm (15.7 inches) must be returned to the lake immediately.

Crow Duck Lake has excellent bass habitat with 75 miles of rocky shoreline, underwater rock piles, and many weed beds. Bass fishing is fantastic in June. Expect to catch lots of nice “Smallies” with an excellent chance of landing a ‘Master Angler Award’ (18″ or more) bass. A smallmouth bass over 18 inches in length is needed to qualify for a Manitoba Master Angler Award. Here is a link to more information about the award: Manitoba Master Angler